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Adult Day Program

There are many options for adults with developmental disabilities that will help them reach their goals, enjoy daily activities and be included in our community. Adult day services are provided by both Riverside, as well as a wide network of quality providers throughout Miami County. All providers of center-based services are certified by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities and services are coordinated by Riverside's Service and Support Administrators (SSAs). The goals and supports needed to achieve those goals are developed with each individuals's team and are included in their Individualized Service Plan (ISP).

Individuals in adult day support programs participate in activities to develop skills in the following areas:

- Self-help
- Sensory stimulation
- Leisure activities 
- Socialization
- Daily living skills
- Community integration
- Communication skills
- Mobility training
- Personal safety
- Volunteerism
- Positive behavioral supports

At Riverside, our adult day program is referred to as our "Adult Developmental Services" department. In that program, our staff take a hands-on approach—incorporating structured learning and fun to help individuals reach their personal goals. We have an active and thriving activities schedule for participants to enjoy on-site, as well as community-based activities and trips. Through a growing network of community partnerships, people in our Adult Developmental Services program are able to also volunteer with local non-profit agencies in our community. Many participants have made lasting friendships through these activities, making a meaningful contribution that benefits everyone involved.

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