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Children Transitioning to Adulthood

S.A.L.T. & SEA S.A.L.T. - S.A.L.T. (School-to-Adult-Life Transition) is a free monthly forum geared toward helping students with developmental disabilities and their families successfully navigate the transition from high school to adult life. Each forum is broken into two sessions--one for parents (S.A.L.T.) and one for students (SEA S.A.L.T.). Oftentimes, the student topics mirror that of the parents. For more information about Riverside's S.A.L.T. Program, please contact Dwayne Hall, Community Navigator, at (937) 440-3026 or Jacklyn Vietor, SSA Manager, at (937) 440-3057.

Finding Your Way: A College Guide for Students on the Spectrum - Organization for Autism Research (OAR) recently created a guide for individuals on the Autism Spectrum wanting to attend a college or university. The guide addresses challenges that are both universal and unique to college students with autism by providing information, guidance, and resources that address them. Some of the topics discussed in the guide include: transitions from high school to college, self-adovcacy and disclosure, and academic supports and accommodations. Download the guide or request a print copy by visiting the OAR website.