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Helpful Links

Fix the List - The Ohio Association of County Boards has partnered with an extensive team of stakeholders (including people with disabilities, family members, advocacy organizations, and the state) for a year and a half to fix Ohio's broken DD waiver waiting list system. To learn more about the coalition, their goals, and their progress, please visit their website.

Finding Your Way: A College Guide for Students on the Spectrum - Organization for Autism Research (OAR) recently created a guide for individuals on the Autism Spectrum wanting to attend a college or university. The guide addresses challenges that are both universal and unique to college students with autism by providing information, guidance, and resources that address them. Some of the topics discussed in the guide include: transitions from high school to college, self-adovcacy and disclosure, and academic supports and accommodations. Download the guide or request a print copy by visiting the OAR website.

Loop Ohio - This online community focuses on promoting the best practices in community development and inclusion for people with disabilities. Loop Ohio provides a platform for community members and professionals to share ideas and resources, solve problems, break down barriers, connect across distance, and engage in ongoing learning. Site visitors are able to have live virtual conversations, share resources, post events, lead and participate in webinars, use discussion boards, have online chat time with subject matter experts, and more. Please visit their website for more information or to register for one of their upcoming webinars.

Section 511 of the WIOA Rule Easy-to-Read Guide - The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities recently released an easy-to-read guide explaining Section 511 of the WIOA  (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014) rule. To learn more about Section 511, please download the guide.

Cerebral Palsy Group - online resource for anyone who has been affected by cerebral palsy, birth injuries, or brain injuries to provide answers and all types of assistance needed to help improve the quality of life for loved ones and family members with cerebral palsy.

Cerebral Palsy Guide - For families and individuals affected by Cerebral Palsy

Disabled Renter's Housing Rights 

Disability Rights in Housing

Disability Rights Ohio

Disability Rights Ohio Legislative Resource Center - Disability Rights Ohio recently launched its new Legislative Resources Center. This online hub provides information about critical proposals making their way through the legislative process. It tracks proposals moving through the Ohio Statehouse or U.S. Congress that will affect people with disabilities.

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How Much Does it Cost to Remodel for Disability Accommodation? 

Preparing for Disaster for People with Disabilities & Other Special Needs

Fire Safety and Disabilities Guide

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How to Cope with Sudden Illness or Disability

Depression and Disability: A Practical Guide

The Slippery Slope of Pain Management: The Guide to Preventing Addiction for People with Chronic Pain

How to Stay Physically Active: Aging Well with a Physical Disability

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DCRC Playgroup - Sign Language

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