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Riverside Developmental Disabilities Miami County Ohio
Our History


Through the efforts of the Council for Retarded Children of Miami County and interested parents, a program began to provide training classes for children with mental retardation who resided in the county.

A summer class for eight children was held in Forest Elementary School in Troy.

In October, a larger class was started in the Spring Street School in Piqua.  The children were transported in a council-owned station wagon.


Through these years the class grew to serve 34 children. 


HB 778 placed the legal authority for the operation and administration of the program under the Miami County Child Welfare Board.


The original Riverside School was erected through allocations from the Miami County Commissioners and the Miami County Council for Retarded Children. The building location is 1625 Troy-Sidney Road.


A sheltered workshop was started for adults over 21 years of age.


The workshop was placed under the administration of the Miami County Child Welfare Board.


An addition to the initial facility was constructed which included the newly named Riverside Adult Training Center.


Seven member county boards of mental retardation were created by Ohio law through the passage of Senate Bill 169. Even though citizens knew us as Riverside School & Riverside Adult Training Center, we officially became the Miami County Board of Mental Retardation at this time.

Ohio law also said that the seven members of the Miami County Board of Mental Retardation would be appointed. Five members were appointed by the County Commissioners and two members were appointed by the County Probate Judge. This is still the same today throughout Ohio.


State law created the ability for counties to create non-profit organizations that would act as the employer for adult consumers. This was our Riverside Adult Training Center that through the years became Riverside Training Industries-now called RT Industries. These adult consumers do work for local business and industry that RT Industries obtains through contract.


Construction of an addition to Riverside’s 1625 North Troy-Sidney Road facility.


Bus garage added to Riverside’s 1625 Troy Sidney Road facility.


Groundbreaking and construction of RT Industries building on Foss Way in Troy.


By State law, the term developmental disabilities was added to our name. We became the Miami County Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities--known to most citizens as Riverside of Miami County (now known as Riverside Developmental Disabilities).


Groundbreaking and construction of new addition at RT Industries on Foss Way in Troy.


Beginning with a statewide initiative by advocates, the state of Ohio changed our name to the Miami County Board of Developmental Disabilities.


We currently serve over 900 individuals throughout Miami County from babies through senior citizens. 

We are able to serve them due to the support of the citizens of Miami County who have voted for our levies throughout the years.

Thank you for your support!