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Provider News & Updates

Provider Guide Plus - In response to many requests from parents, guardians, and individuals over the years, a collaborative work group has developed an easy-to-use online tool to be utilized to review providers of services for people with developmental disabilities in Ohio. It is intended to help people select a provider and help improve overall services. It allows people to post public reviews on providers’ services and to read others’ reviews.

Medication Administration Law and Rule Changes - November 2017

Unusual Incident Reporting (UIR)

(1)  Unusual incidents shall be reported and investigated by the provider.
(2)  Each agency provider shall develop and implement a written unusual incident policy and procedure that:
      (a)  Identifies what is to be reported as an unusual incident which shall include unusual incidents as defined in this rule;
      (b)  Requires an employee who becomes aware of an unusual incident to report it to the person designated by the agency provider who can initiate proper
      (c)  Requires the report to be made no later than twenty-four hours after the occurrence of the unusual incident; and
      (d)  Requires the agency provider to investigate unusual incidents, identify the cause and contributing factors when applicable, and develop preventive
            measures to protect the health and welfare of any at-risk individuals.

Medication Assessments

Good Morning Miami County Providers,

Jessica Knupp, SSA Director, would like to let you know that Medication Assessments are being prepared to be sent to all providers for the individuals you serve. They will be coming from Stephanie Clingan, Administrative Support, via email through the coming week.  This came as a result of recent conversations Jessica has had with providers needing this information for quality assurance purposes.  Jessica would like for me to highlight the following bullet points for clarification on what information you will receive.
ISP Span dates starting 7/1/16 thru the present - These Medication Assessments will be sent via email.
Beginning 1/1/17 moving forward, Medication Assessments will be coming as part of the ISP packet that is typically emailed out by Stephanie Clingan.
After you receive the above emails from Stephanie... if you still need a Medication Assessment for an individual pre 7/1/16 please notify her directly and she will get that out to you.
As you recall I referenced that Jessica Knupp will be sharing updates from the SSA department at the next PPN meeting on January 26th.  At this meeting she will updated you on other changes that have been made that you will see come to fruition beginning 2017, however, this information is currently a priority to get out to providers.  Keep in mind... there will be multiple emails that will be coming out of the SSA department from Stephanie Clingan with the assessments attached and we didn't want you to be alarmed by this volume of information.