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Riverside Developmental Disabilities Miami County Ohio

Service Coordination

In Miami County, service coordination, or case management, for people with developmental disabilities is handled through Riverside’s Service and Support Administration department. Our Service and Support Administrators, or SSAs, listen to those we support and their family members or caregivers to evaluate the goals, challenges and opportunities for each individual. Our SSAs develop individual service plans, or ISPs, that connect citizens with disabilities and their families to providers within the community to ensure each person has the opportunity to live, work and play as full members of our community.
SSAs are the primary point of coordination, which include:

- Coordinate assessments to discover what is important to each individual, as well as identify obstacles in his or her life path
- Develop an ISP using person-centered planning
- Develop a budget for services based on the individual’s assessed needs
- Assist each individual in selecting their provider of choice
- Coordinate services and supports between each individual their paid providers and their family/friends
- Provide ongoing ISP reviews to ensure that services and supports are being delivered to the benefit and satisfaction of each individual

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