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Waiver Information

All of the eligible services that a person with a developmental disability receives are funded in one of two ways. Services are either funded through 100% local tax dollars or Medicaid waiver dollars, which is a combination of federal funding and local funding (tax dollars). Services only using local tax dollars are billed locally, which means that providers bill Riverside directly and use only local money to fund the services that you or your loved one receives.

A waiver is the term used for federal Medicaid money that is approved to pay a portion of an individual’s daily services. Waivers pay for approximately 60% of a person’s services, and must be paired with local funds to make up the remaining 40%. This is commonly referred to as a waiver match. The waiver match is paid by county boards, such as Riverside, using local funds.

There are 3 types of waivers used in Ohio to pay for services. To learn more about the differences in these waivers, visit http://dodd.ohio.gov/IndividualFamilies/ServiceFunding/Pages/WaiverTypes.aspx.

Fix the List - The Ohio Association of County Boards has partnered with an extensive team of stakeholders (including people with disabilities, family members, advocacy organizations, and the state) for a year and a half to fix Ohio's broken DD waiver waiting list system. To learn more about the coalition, their goals, and their progress, please visit their website.